Vanity produces every sort of mischief

Type : riddle

Dear Iohn,

Thank you for contacting me, I mey indeed have a suitable project for you im my lab, we are working on a quantum holography divice that stores 67 bits por electron!

If you would like to join my lab you must decypher this messige:

0101100 0100111 1011110 0101110 1100101 1100100 1000010 1100001 0000011 0111000

The message came with a note:

Read me please do but yoo shall find,
That Clifford Phallus has you in a bind,
For your message has been scrambled,
By Srinivasa's little friendz.

Watch your Pees and Ques now Bob,
For today they are lucky,
Add one to one and obtain "rohjy",
Left by one on the quartz-e,
The other differs by three by three.

Alice is feeling kind today,
And sill has some more to say:
What codes have in common with drink,
Is not a tree, nor a sore but quite like a hive.

One more thing before the signing,
Once unscrambled ignore my first two,
Out of sevin they bare no meaning,
And have nothing to tell you.

The rest should follow it's one to ome,
In order of the ABC,
Goodbye my friend I part with glee.

You have 1 lifetime to solve this scheme, if you find an answer meet me on zoom next Sunday 4pm, if you can't solve the riddle, don't bother showing up.

dcxSt is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Time: Dec 16, 1775 04:00 PM GMT

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Good luck, Sincerely, Herr. Lord Professor Dr. Phd. Wax McGill Drop-starch of Canterbury Hilltop

Backstory: The first version of this riddle was made for a friend, unfortunately she didn't crack it so I re-purposed it as a reply to a poor student who had mistaken me for a prof and sent me an email asking to join my lab. He also failed to solve it so I re-re-purposed it for an english-teacher / redditor with whom I got into a fight with over how to write Haiku properly, I sent this as an apology for my rude behaviour.

In the words of Keshav Dasgupta "there are many red herring in this problem"

Send me a message if you solve it, and tell me how you solved it.