Stephen Fay

Eye color: grey,
Language of choice: Python,
Favourite math: stoke's theorem, the isomorphism theorems,
Favourite ensemble: the canonical ensemble,
Favourite distrubition: Gibbs,
Favourite physics (theory): Classical physics,
Longest breath holding record: 3m + epsilon seconds,
Unexpected talent: I play the Cello,
Text editor of choice: vim, vscode with vim keymappings,
Other hobbies: Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, biking, basking in the sun.

Currently I'm working on digital signal processing techniques for radio telescopes.

Little Fun things I built
Snowflake groth cellular automaton,
Atom Wars - a cookie clicker game built on the Rinkeby Etherium test-net,
H-Trees - my first hackathon,
Alien Wikipedia - a chrome extension that makes reading wikipedia more entertaining


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