Stephen Fay

Welcome to my website!

Hi! I'm a Anglo-Belgian person who lives in Montreal. I like mountains, code, math, engineering projects, bjj, poetry, unorthodox diets & fasting, encountering the strange, and all the other things that make life worth living. I work on the real-time signal processing for the ALBATROS radio telescope. My journey to this point has been... akin to a high temperature brownian walk. I'm optimistic about the future.

Fun things I made on the internet
integer_fft - a python package (written in Rust) for computing integer-FFTs with limited bit-depth.
LATEX Overleaf template,
Ising 2D lattice demo—an interactive rust + wasm ising model simulator,
Grateful CLI—a command line interface built in rust,
Minesweeper: play online (JS implementation), or play on a HUGE board locally with the python implementation,
Snowflake groth cellular automaton,
H-Trees - my first hackathon,
Alien Wikipedia - a chrome extension that makes reading wikipedia more entertaining,
Strange Attractor orbits - some pretty orbits!
ising_lib - a rust crate that makes Ising model simulations easy to tune
Loxodromes—a p5 js animation,

Wikipedia articles:Wojtek,Timothy Dexter,Ludwig,Eels,
Blogs: DKB
Useful Software Megalist:Tunnelblick,Vim,qbittorrent,gqrx,wireshark,vscode,boostnote (legacy),oh my zsh,grammarly,foobar2000,ffmpeg,gimp,imagemagick,omnidisksweeper,,


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Communities I'm affilated with
Recurse Center,
McGill NeurotechX,

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