Market of worthwhile and not worthwhile things

Type :

Stendaar manages the economy and sets the prices. He also has the special right to put a cash prize on todo items.

$1 for each of 1x push up, 1x pull up, 4x leg scisor abs, 1x benchpress, 1x weighted squat
$10, 1km run (10km run is $100, it's $1 per 100 meters)
$2 per minute of cold shower (may very with temp, in summer heat, $0, in winter frost, may go up to $5)

$50, post-card sized water-color/guash painting

Writing words
$150, Substack post shipped
$40, worthy Haiku (maybe best not to do this with haiku?)
$60, Private, physical letter: written and posted
$10, Private, pdf letter: written and sent in bits
$5, Entry in bullet log

Writing code (flexible values, these define maxima)
$1 to $10 for a worthy commit
$5 for opening an issue
$30 for closing an issue
$30 for merging a pull request

$4 per page read, seems generous, but reading is worthwhile

learning mandarin chinese
$2 per character copied
$5 per page of graded reader read
$2 per anki note studied

public speaking
$5 per minute of speaking


-$1 buys you 5 seconds on the clock (without increment). A game with 10 minutes on the clock costs $120, no matter how long it lasts. If you win the game, it gets refunded in full, this gives incentive not to blunder and it will ensure that you get back your money if your opponant blunders and plays a shit game (expected cost of 10 min game is about $59). Add 40x increment seconds when there is an increment. (5 min: $60, 5 min +3s ~7min: $84, 15 min: $180, 15 + 3 ~17min: $204)

-$1 per ten seconds of educational video, (1 min: $6, 5 min: $30, 10 min: $60, 30 min: $180)
-$1 per four seconds of any media deemed to be of little worth ($15 for 1 minute, $150 for 10 minutes, $900 for an hour)
-$1 per twenty seconds of podcast (15 min: $45, 30 min: $90, 1 hour: $180)

Oral Consumption
-$80 for an ice cream
-$5 for the first coffee of the day if it's before noon
-$60 for a coffee if it's (a) after midday or (b) the second coffee of the day