The Undoing Project: A frinedship that changed our minds.

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About Amos

The nice thing about things that are urgent, is that if you wait long enough they aren't urgent anymore. [...] I would say to Amos I have to do this or I have to do that, And he would say 'No. You don't.' And I thought; Lucky man!

There was this beautiful simplicity to Amos: His likes and dislikes could be inferred directly and accurately and at all times from his actions.[...]
He'd walk into a room and decide he didn't want anything to do with it and he would fade into the background and just vanish, it was like a superpower. And it was absolutely an abnegation of social responsibility. He didn't accept social responsibility - and so graciously, so elegantly, didn't accept it.[...]
Shore asked him how he had become a psychologist. "It's hard to know how people select a course in life," Amos said. "The big choices we make are practically random. The small choices probably tell us more about who we are. Which field we go into may depend on which high school teacher we happen to meet. Who we marry may depend on who happens to be around at the right time of life. On the other hand, the small decisions are very systematic. That I became a psychologist is probably not very revealing. What kind of psychologist I am may reflect deep traits."